| Field trials
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For more detailed information about Agrolab and the services we provide within the Regulatory landscape and Field phase development of chemicals, including pesticides, bio pesticides or biocides, please contact our Business Development Manager Jesper Yngvesson.


Agrolab has high expertise in field trials with experience dating back to 1984. We conduct GEP field trials for support to the registration of pesticides and plant protection products. We are specialised in the EU north zone, and hold GEP accreditation in Denmark, Sweden, Latvia amd Lithuania. By this, we are able to support field trial on our own field trial station that cover the climatic variability of Scandinavia and the Baltic states. We have a dedicated staff with in-depth knowledge of the differences in the zone and good relations to the national regulatory support and advisory services. Therefore, Agrolab can give you the best advice on placement of trials in the EU north zone.

All GEP studies are conducted according to EPPO guidelines and we take full responsibility for study plan, study design and reporting.

Agrolab can arrange and manage Pan-European multi-site trials in most European countries through our cooperating partners in Central and Southern Europe.

Data on GEP trials are recorded electronically in the field. To handle the data obtained, we use the Agricultural Research Management (ARM) software with which we have extensive experience. ARM is primarily used for data collection and basic statistical analyses. Shortly after collection, the data can be available to the sponsor. We also handle customized versions of ARM or the clients own computer programs.

All research projects are handled with confidentiality


Agrolab has the knowledge and equipment for variety testing in both cereals, legumes, oil seed rape and maize.

In Denmark Agrolab have our own farm with cereals and oil seed rape therefore; we always have full control of our fields. In Sweden and Latvia, our offices are situated on Farms where we have a close collaboration with the farmers.

We also have the possibility to analyse the varieties after harvest in our Seed and Germination Lab.


Agrolab can carry out almost any trial related to Agriculture, forestry and greenhouses. Fertilizer testing, Logarithmic demonstration trials or in depth dose response analyses with logarithmic application and dose response curve fitting.

If you are thinking of testing something related to plant growth or other biological tests, please contact us and we will look at you project and give you the best inputs to have good test results.

We also offer tank mix testing for compatibility and spray-ability of formulated products.