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For more detailed information about Agrolab and the services we provide within the Regulatory landscape and Field phase development of chemicals, including pesticides, bio pesticides or biocides, please contact our Business Development Manager Jesper Yngvesson.

Regulatory Affairs

Agrolab is specialized in regulatory affairs of the Nordic countries and offers full regulatory assistance for approval of plant protection products under the EU regulation (EC) 1107/2009. Our expertise includes mammalian toxicology, consumer risk assessment, ground and surface water modelling, ecotoxicology and Biological assessment dossiers. We also offer regulatory assistance with biocides under EU Regulation 528/2012.

GLP & Ecotoxicology

Agrolab has carried out GLP trials since 1989. We can handle crop residue trials in all crops grown in our region. Soil residue both short and long term, with soil sampling down to 1 meter. Ecotox trials with earthworms, collembolan and litterbag studies is a possibility.

Field trials

Agrolab is the leading CRO conducting field trials in the Northern part of EU. With field trial stations in Denmark, Sweden and Latvia, we are able to cover the climatic variation in the EU north zone. We conduct all types of trials within agriculture, horticulture, forestry and greenhouses according to GEP standards.

Seed & Germination Lab

In our seed and germination lab we do analyses on grain with NIT. It is getting more and more common to have data on protein and other quality measures on part of the trials used for registration of plant protection products.