| Vacant temporary position in central Sweden (position occupied)
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Vacant temporary position in central Sweden (position occupied)

Maternity leave-temporary staff

Agrolab Sverige AB is offering a temporary employment at our field trial station in Östergötland, Sweden. Position starts 1st October 2018 and end 30th September 2019, with the possibility to get permanent job in the organisation afterwards.

The field trial station is located at Kölbäck Säteri approximately 30 km west of Linköping and 14 km east of Skänninge.

You will join a dedicated field trial team, where the focus is on top quality agricultural field trials.

Who we are:

Agrolab is the leading contract research organisation in the northern EU, with field trial station in Denmark, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. We carry out field trials in Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry. The main part of our field trial is testing and documentation of pesticides. The trials are carried out under Good Experimental Practice (GEP) for registration support of plant protection products under the EU law.

Our station in Östergötland is a small team of 5 people, that are working as a self-leading team, where they plan the daily work by themselves.

Work tasks

In the job you will be helping our team with setting up field trials in the field, doing application with plant protection products in the trials, carrying out assessments of efficacy, handling data from the trials and do reporting to our clients.

Who are you

We are looking for a person who likes working outside in the field and who are also comfortable working with large data inputs at the office. You like working with an experimental approach that is defined by guidelines and fixed operating procedures, but you are also able to adjust to a work environment that is defined by the weather and crop conditions.

In the growing season we are very busy and sometimes have long days, because our work is highly dependent on weather and the development of crops and pests.

Your education could be anything from Agricultural engineer to M.Sc. within natural science. Driver’s licence (B) is required. Additional driver’s licences (BE, C), spraying certificate and field trial experience will further qualify you, but these are not absolute requirements.


We will be happy to receive your application for the position to, subject field: “temporary position 2018 SE” at the latest September 7th 2018. For any questions about the position, call David Larsson, +46 708 50 73 95 in Östergötland.

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