| Runoff excluded from Swedish aquatic risk assessment
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Runoff excluded from Swedish aquatic risk assessment

Runoff scenario R1 in surface water is now excluded from the Swedish aquatic risk assessment approach

The Swedish Chemicals Agency KEMI has decided to exclude surface runoff from the aquatic risk assessment of Plant Protection Products in Sweden. This measure came into force in November 2016. The reasons behind this decision are that scenario R1 used in surface water modelling in Sweden is not sufficiently relevant for Swedish agricultural conditions. Hence only the drainage scenarios D1 and D4 are now required in environmental modelling and ecotoxicology, overruling the latest Northern Zone Guidance Document (April 2016) until its next update.

The holder of the authorization of a Plant Protection Product in Sweden with uses which previously required runoff mitigation (unsprayed buffer zones and/or vegetated filter strips) can therefore submit an application to amend the dossier and remove this mitigation measure.

22 products are currently concerned by this measure. We can assist you with the submission of such an application.

A link to the page can be found below:

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