| Need help with CLP labeling before 1st June 2017?
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Need help with CLP labeling before 1st June 2017?

The CLP regulation, which stands for Classification, Labeling and Packaging, ensures that chemical hazards are clearly communicated to users through a harmonized classification and labeling process.

CLP entered into force in January 2009, and it replaces two previous EU legislations, the Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD), and the Dangerous Preparations Directive (DPD).

It is mandatory to apply CLP to active substances since December 2010, and to chemical mixtures newly approved or re-approved since June 2015, which include formulated Plant Protection Products and Biocides preparations.

For mixtures that had been placed on the market before June 2015, labeling according to the old DPD was accepted until the end of the transitional period – June 1, 2017 – but from that date all products have to be relabeled and repackaged according to the CLP Regulation. Don’t wait to make sure your product is correctly classified before June 2017!

Our dedicated team of experts can help you check and update your product labels and safety data sheets (SDS) against legislative standards to make sure the coast is clear for your product after June 2017.

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