| New Danish Pesticide Strategy 2017-2020
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New Danish Pesticide Strategy 2017-2020

A new agriculture bill has recently been passed in the Danish Parliament defining the new Pesticide Strategy for 2017-2020 in Denmark. The strategy describes some changes in the Danish Assessment Framework for Plant Protection Products (PPPs), which should be implemented soon into new versions of the Guidance Documents.

While the strategy focuses on various aspects, the new framework will be more favourable to the authorisation of Plant Protection Products (PPP) with new Modes of Action, while maintaining a high environmental and groundwater protection. Some of the changes relating to PPP authorisation include easing of requirements for the Danish soil persistence criteria, groundwater assessment and more focus on the substitution of problematic substances. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about these new possibilities for PPP registration in Denmark!

A link to the text can be found below:

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